How to lose 8 pounds of just fat is easy with these 5 or 6 simlpe steps. Some steps might actually make you stronger;1.Eat when you are hungry: because if you eat when you are full you are just stretching your stomach tissue and if you starve yourself that's when you lose muscle and your body will expect you to keep starving yourself which slows down your metabolism.2.Take your time: when you eat fast you want to eat more because you cant tell when you are full. If you eat slow you will realize you are full when you are full.3.Take walks and drink water: walks are a pretty easy exercise but it is still exercise and drinking water cleanses your body and if you drink a cup of water before every meal you won`t eat as much.4.No artificle stuff: soda is horrible when your on a diet this may sound weird but especially diet soda. Diet stuff is the exact opposite of what it sounds it may have less calories but all the chemicals in it make up for that.(Also an other reason people say you also lose muscle mass and strength.)5.Abs: when you are relaxing like watching TV if you sit it a position like this your abs will burn fat _/. Also slow leg lifts help too.6.Thyroid?:If you do not lose any weight in 5 weeks ask your doctor if you have thyroid.

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