Hi can i write my question in english? What happen if there is a calumny and after investigating police finds other crimes irrispective of the same calumny? Are they investigated too,or not really when originally the matter was a calumny?example: she said he tried to shoot her,but it was false.neverterless after investigation it is clear he kept a pistol illegally?kiitos!!

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Hi and thank you for your question!
The Police of Finland starts its pre-trial investigation (esitutkinta) when there are grounds to suspect that an crime has been committed. Usually the police get their first information about a crime when someone reports the crime. However, the police can also conduct a pre-trial investigation without any report being made. For example if a police sees two men fighting each other on a street, he can arrest them and start a pre-trial investigation immediately. The reason why the police know about a crime does not matter if they have a reason to suspect that a crime has happened. Therefore, the police will investigate a crime even though they found out about it because of a report of a different crime, which turned out to be a calumny. The relevant rules concerning pre-trial investigations are in the Pre-Trial Investigation Act (esitutkintalaki).

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